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When It’s Right to Use Wide Span Bulk Shelving, “It’s Right”

Storage is a key component of every warehouse. Oftentimes it involves pallet rack, but in many instances smaller, bulk storage is needed. This is the perfect application for wide span bulk shelving. Below is run down on the basics of bulk shelving for your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center.
Bulk shelving for your warehouse


Wide span bulk shelving is an excellent choice for storing products that are too small for pallet rack and yet too big for conventional shelving.  This type of shelving is ideal for a wide range of manually loaded, non-palletized loads.  It’s typically used for case or piece picking with slow stock rotation.  Additionally, it can also be an efficient and cost effective way to store bulky and irregular materials that does not fit on standard shelving. Wide span shelving is commonly used to store archive records, office supplies, totes, tires and maintenance items.  It’s also great for household and garage storage. This type of shelving can be a stand-alone unit, typically called a “starter”.  If more shelving is needed, this is called an “add-on”.  It can be installed in rows with aisle configurations or even into sophisticated multi-level picking systems.

Easy Assembly

Bulk shelving assemblyWide span bulk shelving is generally easy to assemble with a minimum number of components.  Although there are many different manufacturers of wide span shelving, the parts generally fit or snap together with little or no tools and no hardware.  It is made up of frames and beams similar to pallet rack. A post, or sometimes referred to as an upright, is on each corner.  The beams create the shelving levels with a front and rear beam for each level.  Generally there is an intermediate cross member to help in keeping the beams from spreading and allowing more capacity.

Shelving Options

There are many different options available for the surface of the shelves.  Wire decking, laminated decking, particleboard decking, and plywood, are some of the most common items available.  The decking is set between the front and rear beams, resting on the beams, and helps to transfer the load’s weight to the uprights. Shelving has many different depths, widths, and heights available depending on the manufacturer.  The actual load capacity is dependent on the upright and beam sizes you select along with the beam spacing.  This makes it possible to build wide span shelving to fit your specific load weights. Wide span bulk shelving is a great option for your middle of the road storage needs.  It’s highly versatile, has good load capacity, and is easy to install.  The next time you have a bulky, large, or medium to heavy load, consider using wide span shelving and give Bastian Solutions a call.  We are here for all your shelving needs.

Author: Tom Reddon


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