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Which Automated Palletizing Solution is Right for You?

Deciding to automate your palletizing process is easy. The harder question is ‘Which palletizing solution is right for you?’ Advances in technology have opened the door to a vast array of options available throughout the market. These technologies include robotic, conventional, gantry, etc. Understanding your current operations and the future growth of your company is a key factor when selecting the right equipment for automated palletizing. Additional factors that influence the design include: • Product information: Cases/Trays/Bags/Pails/Drums/etc. • Production throughput; Existing and Future Needs • Packaging Constraints; Height, weight, dimension, etc. • # of Production Lines feeding the system and # of palletizing locations • # of SKUs and changeover time required • # of Pallet Patterns and Load Stability Considerations • Type of dunnage used in the system • Environmental Factors: ceiling height, floor space, wash down area, operating temperature, etc. • Stand alone unit or Fully Automated System Determining the system’s specification from the beginning will save you time and money. It will lead you toward the best overall solution at the lowest investment. BMH Robotics works closely with our customers to produce the right solution to meet their production demands. Without these important steps and analysis you may find yourself with an outdated solution that is not flexible enough to keep up with the changing market demands.


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