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Why ResinDek® is a Great Cost Saving Alternative to Concrete Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Conventional wisdom has always suggested that concrete floors are superior construction when it comes to mezzanine floors.  A popular choice for new construction by many general contractors, concrete is a proven flooring material offering both durability and longevity.  Concrete construction, however, comes at a cost, a very high cost. What if there was a more cost effective alternative to concrete flooring with many of the same benefits? Thankfully, this is where ResinDek® can be introduced to a project. It is a high density, composite flooring material recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts, or dollies. ResinDek® is typically installed over 20-gauge corrugated steel decking and has a load capacity of up to 8,000 lbs. It has an acryseal surface, which is not only skid-resistant, but also easy to clean. While those in the material handling industry have been integrating ResinDek® in free standing platforms and pick modules since the 1990s, it has not widely been seen as a comparable substitute to concrete flooring, especially in new building construction.  However, one should ask the question, why not? Resindek tax savings chart

ResinDek® Versus Concrete

1. ResinDek® is much lighter than concrete.  Consequently, a large amount of steel can most likely be removed from the mezzanine framing design.  In addition, it’s possible that expensive footings can be eliminated resulting in significant savings. 2. ResinDek® is also more ergonomic, cleanable, and light reflective than concrete.  Multiple studies have shown that operators prefer working on ResinDek® surfaces than concrete. 3. When it comes to maintenance, ResinDek® offers tremendous advantages over concrete.  Although a very durable construction material, when concrete is scorn (potentially by a rusty nail sticking out of a pallet) there is really not much that can been done.  However, ResinDek® panels can both be repaired and/or easily replaced.  Consequently, ResinDek® flooring will stay in pristine condition much longer than concrete flooring. [caption id="attachment_11312" align="aligncenter" width="999"]ResinDek® vs. Concrete Graph courtesy of ResinDek®[/caption] 4. ResinDek® comes with a standard 10-year product warranty.  One thing that is certain about concrete is that it will crack.  This does not occur with ResinDek® as it is extremely strong, supporting loads up to 8,000 lbs. 5. ResinDek® panels consist of recycled content and are eligible for LEED credits. If you are considering a mezzanine project, I would encourage you to consider ResinDek®.  Bastian Solutions has installed thousands of these floors, and our team of experts is ready to help you.  Please contact us with questions.

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