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In the News: High Tech Company Goes Next Level with Innovative Automation

By Kristy Deer - March 10, 2022

Photo Credit: Daily Reporter

GREENFIELD — High-tech, advanced automation is not replacing jobs. Businesses that develop automotive software and systems are in fact creating opportunities for new workers within the industry and the companies they develop automotive products for.

That’s the message officials with Bastian Solutions say is important to spread.

The county engineering business is on the cutting edge as a systems integrator with the goal of creating innovative software and customized automation engineering to help companies across a broad spectrum of industry segments become leaders in their industries.

The company history of solutions varies in complexity from simple to highly automated with designs in mobile robots, automated storage and retrieval systems. They design, build, test and integrate automated equipment at the Greenfield facility.

Bastian, founded in 1952, has facilities around the world, including a seven-acre production campus located at 2155 Fields Blvd. in Greenfield. The business focuses on designing and creating custom-made equipment, including supply chain software, industrial controls and robotics that help companies across the globe operate.

The company is a division of the Indianapolis-based material handling firm Bastian Solutions and makes custom equipment for its Toyota-owned parent company and other customers.

Greg Conner is the regional director for Bastian Solutions. He’s been with the company for 17 years and said he’s been blown away by the strides the high tech industry has made during that time.

“It’s a night and day kind of difference,” he said.

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