Tom Wood Automotive

Custom Turntable for 360˚ Photography

Tom Wood Automotive Group, a new and used vehicle dealership in Minnesota, markets and sells its vehicles online. As consumer demand was increasing, the dealership needed a solution to speed up the process of adding new vehicles to the website. The most time consuming portion of that process was photographing the vehicles. To overcome this challenge, Tom Wood turned to Bastian Solutions to install a custom, low-profile turntable that enabled 360˚ photography, reducing the time it takes to process a new vehicle.

Tom Wood Automotive

Key Technologies

  • 18' diameter custom turntable
  • 10,000lbs capacity
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Turntable and camera synchronization
  • Low profile of 9"
  • Four direct drive motors for smooth rotation


  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9394
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9499
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9404
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9504
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9540
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9533
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9519
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9512
  • 20160126-tom_wood_automotive_turn_table-dscf9462

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