Stampin Up!

Keeping the World Beautiful, One Rubber Stamp at a Time!

Stampin' Up! is a manufacturer of decorative rubber stamps and distributes its products via independent "demonstrators" for craft and scrapbooking projects. The company operates a 300,000-square-foot warehouse in Riverton, Utah, which was using five separate systems to manage product flow.

Stampin' Up! turned to Bastian to find a way to centralize these systems into a cohesive and manageable structure that would provide the company with the flexibility necessary to support future growth.

"Going into the second week being live with a new system, the number of daily shipments are exceeding our projections." Hae Bolduc, Corporate Applications Director, Stampin' Up!

Key Technologies

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Long hours and weekend testing made for a seamless go-live over to the new pick to light and warehouse control system.

Reduced the number of pick to light devices by 20% with the same functionality, simplifying installation and reducing costs for Stampin' Up!

The pick to light area processes an average of over 3,500 orders per day while handling peaks of almost 5,200 orders per day.

Photos of our solution

  • pick-to-light-devices-at-stampin-up-2
  • pick-to-light-bay-stampin-up
  • shipping-sorter-at-stampin-up
  • conveyor-sorter-at-stampin-up
  • stampin-up-warehouse-storage

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