E-Commerce Order Fulfillment for CVS

CVS is a leading drug store chain and retailer of consumer and medical products manufactured by nationally known suppliers as well as private labelers.

Due to a 50% growth in online sales volume, CVS turned to Bastian Solutions to install a more efficient E-Commerce material handling system.


Key Technologies

  • A high speed small item sorter was added with capability to handle product as small as an eye liner pencil to as big as Enfamil or Pampers.
  • An Auto Manifest shipping system was implemented.
  • Exacta Order Management System was fully integrated into the existing Warehouse Management System (WMS).

See the results

Growth in E-Commerce sales volume was met along with seasonal volumes.

Bastian’s solution improved ergonomics for operators.

The integrated e-business information and material handling solution provides rapid custome response while minimizing cost per order handled.

Exacta Order Management System orchestrates the control interface, process flows, and operational activities to ensure quick, accurate order fulfillment.

The new system provides real time web based visibility into WMS inventory levels and order status with shipping costs and delivery times.

Modular design allows incorporation of future technology and additional phased growth

Photos of our solution

  • cvs_indianapolisin_800x600
  • conveyor-at-cvs-com
  • cvs-indianapolis07
  • conveyor-system---cvs-com
  • sortation-of-orders-at-cvs-com
  • conveyor-sortation-at-cvs-com
  • cvs-indianapolis03
  • pushers-at-cvs

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