Using PictureView™ “Pick-to-Display” to Set New Records in “Each” Picking

Melaleuca is an international manufacturer of unique health, home, and personal care products.

Melaleuca's growing sales accompanied by growing labor was their main problem for order fulfillment. Their existing order fulfillment was inefficient. The existing pick to light system required each associate to handle every container even if there were no products to be picked in that area.


Key Technologies

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New material handling system helped Melaleuca support their 8% annual growth rate

Tri-lane pick modules direct the containers entering a zone to only those that needed product from that zone which increases efficiency for the operators

Pick to display technology allows the employee to compare the product being picked to the displayed image of the required product ensuring a high level of accuracy when fulfilling customer orders

Photos of our solution

  • melaleuca-800x6006E8D518E27DFDCB9645464B7
  • melaleucapickmodule-800x450
  • melaleucareceivingarea-800x450051F76638FE88C631A27ABBF
  • melaleucapackarea-800x450

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