C&H Sugar

C&H Sugar Upgrades Their AS/RS Exacta WMS & WCS Software

C&H Sugar produces cane sugar and molasses for the vast U.S. market. The Crockett, CA refinery processes over 700,000 tons of pure cane sugar annually – more than 70 types, grades and package sizes, including packaged consumer sugars as well as packaged, liquid, and bulk granulated, industrial-use cane sugars.

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Business Objectives

  • Bastian Solutions had to upgrade C&H Sugar’s 16-year old ASRS, warehouse control system and controls software without slowing down production
  • Existing system relied on an obsolete and unsupported software package and VAX hardware for their 24X7 operations
  • Bastian Solutions had to include a real-time interface to C&H Sugar’s SAP ERP

Key Technologies

  • Exacta warehouse management system to maintain inventory control across of 15,400 locations
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)
  • Real-time interface to SAP ERP
  • Exacta warehouse control system
  • Transfer Station, Buy In Station, and Mix Pallet Build and Inspection Station
  • “3A In”, “Conventional In”, and “Manual In” Stations to handle rebuilds and out of tolerance pallet builds
  • Loop and Ship Rejects to accommodate No-Reads or Mis-Reads
  • Mettler-Toledo “On-The-Fly” Pallet Dimensioner and In Motion Check Weigher
  • ID Technologies On-The-Fly Pallet Print and Apply Applicator
  • Accusort Model 24 Series Overhead and Model 22 Series II Line Scanners


  • The new system yielded a seamless transition with no downtime to C&H Sugar’s production or shipping.
  • Exacta warehouse management system and Exacta warehouse control system increased throughput by 27%, with 115 trailers per day vs. 90 trailers per day in the previous system.
  • Packaging efficiencies have increased 100%, and C&H Sugar no longer experiences backups, downtime, and receive loop saturations.

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