Becton Dickinson and Company

BD Medical meets demand with high throughput system

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD Medical), a medical technology manufacturer, faced an opportunity to meet increased demands for its products. By automating its distribution center with Bastian Solutions and utilizing 3PL Genco for facility operation, BD Medical was able to optimize throughput and meet a greater percentage of growing demands.


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Becton, Dickinson

Key Technologies



  • 300 ft double-sided shoe sorter with 22 diverts
  • Three 4-level pick modules utilizing voice picking
  • Six-lane high speed sawtooth merge
  • Over 8,000 feet of Intelligrated Conveyor
  • Portec fiber glass chutes for small foot print vertical product movement
  • Over 25,000 sq ft of Wildeck mezzanines
  • Multi-camera scan tunnel (Datalogic)
  • 4 Inline Lantech stretch wrappers with associated pallet conveyor
  • 2 Print and Apply Machines for UPS shipments
  • Exacta Warehouse Control System (WCS)
  • RedPrairie warehouse management system


Order Packing



  • High volume, high throughput system
  • The sorters run at 550 ft per minute
  • System throughput measured at 185, peaks of 200-205 at maximum throughput
  • BD is now fully equipped to handle customer demands


Accumulation Conveyor

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