Automation with Purpose: Tips for Maximizing Your Investment


MODEX Educational Seminar

Bastian Solutions invites you to listen in to our educational seminar on how to maximize the ROI on material handling automation.


To maximize productivity, minimize costs, and compete in a global marketplace, today’s distribution and manufacturing facilities are turning to advanced material handling automation. But for many small to medium size companies, getting started with automation can be daunting and expensive and automation for small and medium size companies rarely looks the same as automation for large companies. Whether you have a single facility or several, we will show you the value of implementing the right hardware and software for your facility so you can maximize your investment and prepare your company for future growth.


1. How to justify your investment and why automation is a critical step in growing your company

2. Which technologies provide a good foundation and how to get started on the path to automation.

Presented by:
Brian Reinhart - Regional Manager
Bastian Solutions

Matt Greene - Regional Manager
Bastian Solutions

Tim Duket - Engineering Consultant
Bastian Solutions

Learn more about systems integration and order fulfillment technology.

Interested in Maximizing Your Automation Investment?