Engineering Studies and Operations Master Plan

Plan for Operational Resilience and Productivity From the Start

Let our trusted advisors help you build a customized road map to optimize operations through an Operations Master Plan. Using proven methods and combined expertise across various industries, Bastian Solutions consultants leverage unique design concepts aimed at reducing distribution costs, better utilizing space, lowering excess inventory, increasing order accuracy and more.

For customers building a new facility or exploring new system designs at existing locations, an Operations Master Plan brings together project planning, system design, engineering studies, supplier sourcing and project implementation for a unified execution that exceeds expectations and maximizes your investment.


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Engineering Studies and Operations Master Plan

Warehouse Facility & System Design Challenges

Building a new facility or exploring a new system design is no easy feat. Aligning that goal with company objectives for a successful system launch introduces several questions along the way, no matter the industry. Bastian Solutions consultants work with customers to ensure project concepts are executed successfully with budget, business goals, and timelines in mind to mitigate the risk of poor planning. Some new system challenges and considerations include:

  • Distribution costs
  • Space inefficiency
  • Excess inventory and inaccurate accounting
  • Non-value-add activities
  • Order errors
  • Long or inconsistent fulfillment timeframes
  • Labor inefficiency

Engineering Studies

The Bastian Engineering Survey™ is a tested engineering study method of benchmarking your operation. Bastian Solutions consultants conduct a review of your operation and offer material handling system concepts for consideration. The survey is designed to take leverage our vast experience as an independent integrator through quick analysis of your operation and benchmarking it to similar operations and/or industries. We can then determine what technologies and processes make sense for further examination.

The goal of the survey and studies is to determine what opportunities are feasible and to decide if further evaluation is justified. This allows Bastian Solutions engineers to use their vast experience and views to help develop, plan and execute “best-in-class” supply chain operations to assist you in improving your business.


Developing an Effective Operations Master Plan

Whether you are building a new facility, exploring a new system, or wanting to improve current operations, our consultants work with customers in four crucial areas:

Define and Measure the Process – Bastian Solutions engineers work directly with project stakeholders to determine project objectives, understand company operations, identify challenges and risks, and develop quantitative and qualitative criteria to evaluate final recommendations.

Analyze the Data – Knowing the data inside-and-out, and how it affects the current operation and the recommended design is important. Bastian Solutions engineers analyze the data from your current systems and create data models that predict future states. It is from this information that design parameters are determined. Data analysis often includes review of order profiles, order types and patterns, seasonality, and SKU profiles.

Layout and Design - It is only after the critical steps above are completed that engineers begin to “put pencil to paper.” In the design phase, recommendations are produced with detailed descriptions of operations, including flow charts, labor requirements, slotting analysis, annotated drawing and narratives to describe how the new system will work and how it will meet the criteria identified in the define and measure process.

Validate - The estimated cost and benefits of each recommendation are quantified and compared in the validation phase. Estimated project schedules are created to evaluate the alternatives’ effect on the time frame requirements. Using a decision matrix approach, we then present a recommended solution to you.


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