Warehouse Slotting Analysis & Optimization

Improve Picking Efficiency with Slotting Analysis

Reduce your facility's labor costs and improve throughput with a slotting analysis from Bastian Solutions. Warehouse employees can spend upwards of 60 percent of their time walking to and from picking mediums. Strategizing the location and storage of your products will help create efficiencies in your facility operations for a better customer experience.

Our trusted team of consultants utilize experience and advanced slotting software to help identify these strategies in order to lower your cycle times and costs. A slotting analysis can help inform inventory and operations improvements by flagging which products move faster and optimal facility storage to minimize time out the door to your customer.

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Slotting Analysis & Optimization

Order Fulfillment Challenges

Whether you are a leading 3PL balancing a variety of clients and products, or an ecommerce distribution facility, changes in SKU volume, product variety or consumer demand can have a significant impact on picking cycle times. Challenges related to these changes can include:

  • Long walking distances between picking mediums
  • Larger storage footprint
  • Higher operating costs
  • Inefficient use of labor
  • Non-ergonomic environment – heavy lifting, repetitive actions
  • High, inconsistent order fulfillment times

Considerations for a Better Inventory Solution

By optimizing your SKU slotting locations, we help you improve pick and replenishment efficiencies, increase order accuracy, reduce repetitive stress injuries, and minimize the time out the door to your customers. Bastian Solutions’ experts work with you to understand your current and future warehouse processes to design effective, data-backed solutions. As you review current and future operations consider your:

  • Picking technologies
  • Fulfillment processes
  • SKU volume and types
  • SKU velocity
  • Consumer buying behavior or seasonal fluctuations
  • Labor needs and availability
  • Storage footprint and location
  • Operating costs
  • Order fulfillment and delivery times
  • Customer service and SLAs


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