Supply Chain Network Optimization and Design

Designing an Agile Supply Chain Network

Create an efficient supply chain that is flexible enough to respond to constantly changing market needs.  As your company evolves, its volume and shipping patterns will change. Yet these changes are often not reflected in your supply chain network, raising total supply chain costs for transportation, warehousing, and inventory.

Using state-of-the-art optimization software and a proven methodology, Bastian Solutions consultants work to improve and modernize your supply chain network, reducing overall supply chain costs, improving customer service, performing contingency planning, optimizing production sourcing decisions, and more. Our analysis examines your facility locations and size, inventory levels, and inbound and outbound transportation.

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Supply Chain Network Design

Complex Networks, Unique Challenges

Analyzing and optimizing your supply chain network can make a difference in staying competitive in fast-paced industries and constantly changing markets. Managing various locations with different supply chain activities and efficiently storing inventory for the fastest distribution are only some of the challenges that companies face. Others include:  

  • High shipping and warehousing costs
  • Delivery delays
  • Inefficient stock and inventory replenishment
  • Inefficient inventory access and storage
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Multi-site supply chain coordination

Strategy Considerations

supply_chain_network_software_Make best use of resources like transportation, shipping logistics and future location planning and strategizing with the following considerations:

  • Product sourcing
  • Supply chain network processes and flow
  • Current and future business objectives
  • Consumer buying habits and market changes
  • Consolidation, addition of plants and warehouses
  • Business mergers and acquisition activities
  • Service level agreements

Bastian Solutions’ experts work through these considerations together with you to identify, test and implement the network design that will support your business by ultimately:

  • Reducing overall supply chain costs by identifying the most cost-efficient supply chain network.
  • Improving customer service through optimization and creating a responsive system that balances shipping and warehousing costs with service level requirements.
  • Analyzing what-if scenarios and contingency planning by understanding the impact of adding, removing or consolidating locations on the distribution and manufacturing network. Costs for scenario impacts are also calculated and studied to create alternate plans that can be put into action when necessary.
  • Optimizing production sourcing decisions through total supply chain cost analysis, helping to provide data forecasts for more efficient decision-making.


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