Sustainability Consulting Services

Reduce operational costs with a more sustainable supply chain

For most companies, the supply chain has more potential for sustainability-focused improvement than any other business function. Bastian Solutions offers consulting services to support our clients' efforts to build resilient, competitive supply chains by reducing their operation’s dependency on finite natural resources such as fossil fuels.

Why is this important for your operation?

  • Cost Reduction – Increased resource efficiency, which lowers procurement and operational costs.

  • Business Continuity – Protect your business from future risks, like energy costs and availability.

  • Brand & Reputation – Corporate citizenship is important in today’s world and eco-conscious companies draw in more customers as well as potential hires.

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Greenhouse Gas Accounting

The first step of effectively addressing your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is to understand the elements of your supply chain operations that are significant emitters. Bastian Solutions applies GHG Protocol standards to develop comprehensive and reliable emission inventories across your supply chain operation.

Upon completion of modeling, the highest-emitting elements of your supply chain are identified, and alternative options to reduce their impact are explored and vetted. Additionally, Bastian Solutions works with your team to develop appropriate Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs).

Clean Energy Adoption Studies

Several criteria are considered before the design begins. Once the general operation, business plan, and design goals are well understood, we will work closely with you and your team to define the facility requirements.


On-Site Generation Modeling - For all sites of interest, Bastian Solutions can model the annual electricity generation potential of an on-site renewable generation energy system.

Regional Policy & Market Research - Energy policies vary widely from state-to-state, so Bastian Solutions will research and summarize the state's clean energy policies and economic incentives that are specific to your site's location. 


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