Engineering and Fabrications Capabilities

Engineering and fabrication services catered to your goals

Bastian Automation Engineering offers a wide range of engineering and fabrication services each focused on your application requirements. Each engineering or fabrication services project is examined and executed holistically while focusing on project technical objectives, design reviews with our customer, schedule status, financial targets and above all customer satisfaction.

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Engineering and Fabrication


Machine simulation helps visualize a custom process as well as answer “what if” questions before implementing a new automation technology.  Simulations provide more than animations do, in that they create a realistic model of your proposed operation and can show to the second how a process or piece of equipment will fit within your current operation. Simulations rely on accurate real-world data and careful attention to rates, speeds, and the logic associated with handling product to give you a tool to determine what your process requires.



Bastian has created detailed animations before a project starts to help clarify what the client can expect out of their custom equipment, during the design phase of a project to help demonstrate the mode of operation of a specialized process, or after the completion of a project to show the full capability of a system. Bastian uses a variety of programs including Demo3D, SolidWorks, and AutoMOD to create these animations to demonstrate within reason the functionality and main features or a product or solution. Animations help you visualize how a custom piece of automation can help you achieve your process goals.


Finite Element Analysis

For projects that involve large structural loads or precise handling requirements, Bastian has the ability to perform Finite Element Analyses to determine accurate deflection and stress on our proposed equipment when loaded. Built-in SolidWorks tools allow us to test our designs virtually rather than in the field. FEA tools ensure that we have chosen the proper strength, rigidity, or flexibility to produce the desired function.


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