Conveyor Accessories

Custom engineered conveyor accessories

Conveyor accessories provide solutions and extra ergonomics equipment to a standard conveyor line. Bastian Solution's custom conveyor accessories can be tailored to fit the customer's specific requirements. Conveyor accessories range from custom conveyor pushers to stops and cross over ladders. Bastian Solutions will tailor your accessories to best serve the conveyor system's throughput.

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Conveyor Stops

Conveyor stops are mounted into conveyors to stop product flow.These stops can be used in heavy duty applications such as unit load handling as well as lighter duty applications for boxes or totes. Typical uses for conveyor stops are positioning of product, singulating boxes, and keeping product from running off the end of a conveyor.

Types of Conveyor Stops

Pivoting Blade Stops - Pivoting blade stops have the ability to raise above the conveyor surface to stop product, but then pivot downward below the conveyor surface when not in use. Pivoting blade stops can also be used for cases and cartons. They typically are used in heavy duty pallet handling due to their rugged design.

Linear Blade Stops - Linear blade stops are popular in case handling and medium duty applications. They offer a compact, simple design that allows for a variety of solutions.

Roller Brakes - Roller brakes are used to stop roller conveyor from underneath the roller. This allows for a low profile design that does not require having to be in front of the leading edge of the product. This is ideal when product is back to back in a slug.

Rocker Stops - Rocker stops allow for a single product to be released from an accumulated train, typically on a gravity roller conveyor. These units are typically used in pallet handling applications where several containers or pallets are lined on a conveyor.


Conveyor Crossover Ladders

Conveyor crossover ladders vary in style from a small spanning double sided ladder to larger platform styles with ladders attached. Both are designed to meet all safety requirements.

Conveyor Crossover Applications

  • Large conveyor systems – used to gain access to areas that are surrounded by conveyors and other equipment

Conveyor Crossover Benefits

  • Heavy duty design provides years of trouble free service
  • Ability to gain access over conveyor system without using a gate


Conveyor Crossover Specifications

  • Utilizes heavy duty welded structural steel frame
  • 7 gauge diamond floor plate
  • Hand rail tube surrounding platforms and steps
  • Safety chains where applicable
  • Many options available including tool holders, extra slide out platforms, anti-fatigue matting surface, etc.


Pushers are used in applications requiring a package to be transferred perpendicular to conveyor flow. Various designs exist to serve a wide range of applications. Pushers can be mounted on the top, side, or bottom of conveyor frames depending on the application. Rapid cycle rates can also be obtained with pushers as well.

Types of pushers
Side-Mounted Pusher
A side-mounted pusher is a medium duty pusher designed to mount to a conveyor side frame. The pusher face, which contacts the product, is mounted to a guided cylinder.

Overhead Pusher
An overhead pusher is a heavy duty pusher designed to mount over the top of conveyor and typically utilizes a carriage system with cam rollers to handle side loading.

Under-Mounted Pusher
An under-mounted pusher is designed to mount underneath a conveyor and operate between roller centers. It is often used to pull products across a conveyor.

Pusher Applications

  • Pushers are used to divert products perpendicular to the flow of the conveyor
  • Pushers can be used to either push or pull product on or off conveyor


Pusher Benefits

  • High cycle rates can be obtained, up to 80 cases/min
  • Easily bolts to the bottom of a conveyor frame
  • Can be designed to take heavy side loads

Pusher Specifications

  • Speed = 80 cases/min
  • Capacity = 150 lbs
  • Utilizes structural steel frame
  • Actuation provided by pneumatic cylinder
  • Proximity sensors or hall effect switches are used depending on application and adjustability
  • Larger overhead pushers designed with carriage/cam roller track
  • All moving parts are properly guarded.

Bump Turns

Bump turns are used to change the orientation of a box in increments of 90 degrees. Bump turns can be an easy solution to changing the way a product flows down a conveyor.


Conveyor Gates

In many conveyor systems it is desirable to get to the other side of the conveyor. One method of achieving this is with conveyor gates. They come in a variety of styles based on the application and can have powered conveyor or gravity conveyor.


Custom Conveyor Accessory product images

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  • cross-over-platform
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  • conveyor-stop 
  • bump-turn

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