Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor

Durable pallet transport solution

Belt conveyors are used when traditional pallet handling conveyors, such as live roller, are not suitable. Belt conveyors function well in very harsh environments where product is often dropped onto the conveyor bed or is very sharp. They can be used to transfer product up steep inclines and on long straight-aways requiring only one motor.

Belt conveyors can also be used in handling delicate products that can be easily scratched or marred as well as products that will not convey well on a roller conveyor.

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Types of Belt Conveyors

Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor - Heavy duty belt conveyors are typically used in foundries or stamping operations where heavy steel parts are conveyed.

Plastic Belt Conveyor - Plastic belt conveyors have very durable flat top belt suitable for wash down applications.

Cleated Belt Conveyor - Cleated belt conveyors can be used to provide positive drive to standard rubber belt conveyor.


  • Can handle product without damaging machined finish
  • Are very durable, resistant to cuts and impacts
  • Often used in wash down applications with appropriate provisions
  • Can also handle very heavy loads
Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor


Specifications for Heavy Duty Belt Conveyor

  • Heavy duty formed channel construction with the option for structural channel
  • Sheet metal bed with idler rollers
  • Crowned drum pulleys can be lagged
  • Various belting options including: modular plastic belt, urethane belt, rubber belt, wire mesh belt, and cleated belt
  • SEW-Eurodrive gear motor, 460V/3Ph/60Hz
  • Can be end driven or center driven
  • Can be troughed to handle bulk or cylindrical products

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