Ergonomic Equipment

Improve safety in your warehouse with custom solutions

More and more, businesses are reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and eliminating operator incidents by investing in equipment that makes their process simpler, faster, and most importantly, safer. Custom workstations, part tilters/upenders, lift assisting mechanisms and other equipment can be used to put the operator in a better position to perform a process, reducing strain and keep unnecessary accidents from occurring.

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Custom Workstations


  • Operator to handle consistent, unwieldy parts
  • Operator performing repeated tasks
  • Operator needs a variety of parts/tools on-hand



  • Increase operator comfort
  • Reduction in operator movements
  • Reduced cycle times


Partial Client List

  • Pratt & Whitney
  • General Electric
  • Rolls-Royce

Product Tilters/Upenders


  • Reorientation of product
  • Change elevation of product



  • Greater operator comfort
  • Allow access to all sides of product
  • Prep for new process/shipping


Partial Client List

  • Hussman
  • Toyota
  • Ingersroll Rand

Custom Lift Assist


  • Reorientation of product
  • Moving large/heavy products by hand



  • Allows operator manual control of a process
  • Decreases operator strain


Partial Client List

  • Kellogs

Conveyor Tilters

Conveyor tilters are used for a variety of applications in material handling. They typically address an ergonomic improvement, but may also be employed to aid in increased efficiency or throughput

Custom Carts

Custom carts are generally used to aid in the assembly of a product or to transport a product between several locations. These carts are built completely custom to the customers needs.  Carts can hold products that range anywhere from small fasteners to large aircraft engines

Ergonomic Equipment product images

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Interested in custom ergonomic equipment or want to know more about it?