Robotic Bag Palletizer


Increase throughput with robotic bag palletizers

Robotic bag palletizers accept a variety of bag styles and applications and multiple infeed and discharge layouts are available to fit your requirements. A robotic bag palletizer from Bastian Solutions provides maximum product protection through simplicity of design, efficiency of operation, and reliability of performance.


Interested in implementing a robotic bag palletizer in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?

How a Robotic Bag Palletizer Works:

Bags are typically filled by a valve pack machine or other upstream filling and sealing equipment. They are then placed on an outfeed conveyor and conveyed to a palletizing system. Optional check weighing, bag flattening, bag labeling, or bag squaring equipment can be utilized to reduce order inaccuracies and increase load stability.

Once the bag reaches the robotic palletizer, a "clam" style gripper picks up the bags without puncturing them and places them on the pallet. An interlocking pattern and tier sheets can be applied to the load in order to increase load stability. Once a load is complete, it can be picked up by a fork lift operator or conveyed automatically to a stretch wrapper. Finally, a new pallet is presented to the robot manually or via conveyance from a pallet dispenser.



  • Custom or standard infeed and discharge layouts available
  • Multiple infeed and discharge layouts available
  • Systems integrate easily with upstream and downstream equipment for total automatic operation
  • Open architecture allows for easy maintenance access
  • Increased production and system reliability
  • Improved ergonomics
  • High capacity and uptime




Bastian Solutions utilizes a creative concept and design process to ensure we implement the most appropriate tool for your application. Common applications include:

  • Fast Assembly - robots can pick parts from incoming conveyor and assemble them onto work pieces carried by an outgoing conveyor with high precision.
  • Inspection and Quality Control - robot visually inspects and picks out defective products moving on a fast conveyor.
  • Fast Packing - vision spots products spread out on a moving conveyor and then the robot transfers them into packaging containers at high speed.
  • Fast Sortation - robot instantaneously picks and separates different types of parts passing through its vision domain.
Robotic Bag Palletizer Rendering


  • A single infeed or product and single outgoing pallet is known as a 1 in / 1 out
  • For better robotic utilization, cells exist such as 2 in / 2 out, 4 in / 2 out, etc.
  • Palletizing robots can also be configured to pick whole layers for pallet placement
  • A single robot can be used to palletizing and depalletize the same product
  • A robot can present a product it has picked for an intermediate function, such labeling, prior to palletizing
Bag Palletizer system rendering


  • Gentle row placement reduces bag-to-bag contact
  • Turning crosses and belt conveyors allow for a desired bag orientation
  • Mostly ancillary equipment is designed and manufactured by Bastian Solutions (pallet dispensers and stackers, infeed conveyor, pallet conveyor, End of Arm Tooling, etc.)
  • Vision systems capabilities
  • Design, programming, controls, manufacturing, and project management is done in-house
  • Factory Acceptance Test prior to shipping
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Heavy duty triple-strand drag chain discharge conveyor
Bag palletizing end of arm tool



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Interested in implementing a robotic bag palletizer in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?