Robotic Scrap Metal Palletizer


Gain efficiency with robotic scrap metal palletizing

Palletizing of scrap metal bales poses many challenges to plant operations due to the variability in bale dimensions, the weight of bales, and the inherent safety issues that come with handling bales. Robotic scrap metal palletizers provide increased safety while meeting or exceeding your system requirements.


Interested in implementing a robotic scrap metal palletizer in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?

Robotic Scrap Metal Palletizer

How a Robotic Scrap Metal Palletizer Works

Bales are conveyed into the system via heavy duty product conveyor. The palletizing robot uses a 5th axis on the end of arm tool and feedback information to clamp and measure each bale while the controls automatically calculate pallet dimensions as the pallet is being built.

With an outstanding history of integrating robotic scrap metal palletizers, Bastian Robotics has the experience to provide you with the most effective bale palletizing solution for your operation.

Robotic Scrap Metal Palletizer


  • liminates operator interaction with sharp scrap metal bales to reduce work-related injuries
  • Reduces manual heavy lifting of bales
  • High system reliability and superior up-time
  • Improved ergonomic conditions
  • Ability to handle variably-sized scrap metal bales
Scrap Palletizing End of Arm Tool


  • Integrates smoothly with product conveyor, pallet conveyor, and ancillary equipment
  • Sensors for intricate operations (stack height, product present, pallet present, etc.)
  • Can be designed to accommodate for future expansion
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Vision system capabilities
Robotic Scrap Metal Palletizer


  • Handles variable length, bright, and scrap aluminum bales
  • Utilizes servo with feedback to measure bales prior to picking
  • Automatic pallet building algorithm produces unique pallet patterns for each load
  • Standard pallet discharge elevation = 18"
  • Standard bale infeed elevation = 40"
  • Standard pallet size = 40” x 48"
  • Robust end of arm tool design to withstand rugged wear-and-tear on gripper tooling
Scrap Metal Palletizing Robot



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Interested in implementing a robotic scrap metal palletizer in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?