Robotic Specialty Palletizing

Robotic Specialty Palletizing

Robotic specialty palletizers can palletize a variety of diverse products consisting of different shapes, sizes, weights and materials. With our ability to provide highly customized solutions and implement cutting-edge technologies, Bastian is the right partner for providing you with the most effective robotic palletizer for your operation.

Interested in robotic specialty palletizing or simply want to know more about them?

Robotic Specialty Palletizing

How Specialty Palletizing Works

Typically, product is fed into the robotic palletizing cell via conveyor. The palletizing robot then picks one or multiple products and quickly and accurately places them on a pallet. The pattern is constructed layer by layer until the complete pallet is ready for further processing. Pallet patterns are programmed into the robot and can easily be changed or added. The palletizing robot can also handle pallets, slip sheets and tier sheets for completely automatic pallet building.



  • Multiple infeed and discharge layouts are available
  • Systems integrate easily with upstream and downstream equipment for total automatic operation
  • Open architecture allows for easy maintenance access
  • Increased production and system reliability
  • Reduced ergonomic and labor issues
  • High capacity and uptime
Easy integration for total automation


  • Automotive Industry (car battery palletizing, etc.)
  • Food & Beverage Industry (glass/plastic bottle palletizing, etc.)
  • Consumer Products Industry (container palletizing, etc.)
  • Scrap Metal Bale Palletizing
multiple industries served


  • A single infeed or product and single outgoing pallet is known as a 1 in/1 out
  • For better robotic utilization, cells exist such as 2 in/2 out, 4 in/2 out, etc.
  • Palletizing robots can also be configured to pick whole layers for pallet placement
  • A single robot can be used to palletizing and depalletize the same product
  • A robot can present a product it has picked for an intermediate function, such as labeling, prior to palletizing
palletizing/depalletizing with one robot


  • simulation2-full

Interested in robotic specialty palletizing or simply want to know more about them?