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Fully automated order picking

Bastian Solutions integrates some of the most cutting-edge vision components and artificial intelligence with flexible end of arm tool (EoAT) designs to create robotic bin picking solutions perfect for goods-to-robot operations. Our solutions are capable of accurately picking from the most complex assortment of products. These systems can be designed in a modular fashion allowing new products to be easily introduced into a system and identified by the robot.

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How It Works

First, a tote containing randomly oriented objects is presented to the AI-enhanced camera system. At this point a series of photos is taken to map out the object orientations. Within a split second, the vision controls identify the “most pick-able” object in the pile and release the robot to pick it. 

Once an object has been identified, controls manipulate the robot arm and EoAT inside the tote while using suction or a gripping technology to pick an object without encroaching on other objects or the tote walls. At this point the robot retracts from the bin and places the object in a secondary shipping carton and is ready for another pick and place sequence. As the system picks different object shapes in different ways, it continues to learn and improve how to identify objects in different positions, as well as picking accuracy and efficacy.



  • HMI controls interface
  • Integrated AI vision systems identify millions of SKUs without training and improve picking efficacy over time
  • Intuitive End of Arm Tool design to avoid constrained bin walls and products, customized as needed for your product and application
  • Large range of product sizes from chapstick to large, machined, automotive parts
  • Integrates with vertical storage systems and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) front-ends for picking and placing of ordered items from dispatched totes


  • Singulating items shipped in bulk onto take-away conveyor
  • Picking bulk, random items for quality inspection
  • Part assembly via picking parts from multiple bins


  • Reduces the tedious, time-intensive process of picking items from piles of product
  • AI-based vision system able to identify millions of SKUs without training; learns and adapts to product state and high variation within bins
  • Multiple robots share the same AI vision software allowing mutual learning and improvement while picking objects
  • Reduced labor costs
  • 99%+ accuracy and 24/7 operation
  • Capable of picking 300-400 units per hour, and potentially more if tooling can be evaluated for multiple simultaneous unit picks
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