Spatial Vision Robotics


Vision guidance and object recognition

Spatial Vision Robotics delivers real-time 3D object recognition and vision guidance. It locates objects, boxes, cases, and parts and provides 3D position (X,Y,Z) and pose (Rx,Ry,Rz) for real-time guidance of robots and machines.

Interested in implementing Spatial Vision Robotic technology in your facility?

Spatial Vision Robotics


  • Offers three sensor suite resolutions - standard (± 5.0 mm accuracy), enhanced (± 2.5 mm accuracy), and premium (± 0.5 mm accuracy) to fit the requirements of the task
  • Provides 3D pattern matching to determine true position and pose information
  • When combined with PC hardware, you have a complete vision guidance system integrated with your robotic application
  • This solution can identify, pick and place objects at 10 - 30 per minute
  • Easy camera/sensor alignment
  • Intrinsic calibration of sensor-to-sensor
  • Estimates 3D camera accuracy using vision processing tools
  • Extrinsic calibration of sensor-to-robot (hand-eye) suing patterned fiducial
  • Highly accurate software with inherent 0.1 sub-pixel accuracy
  • Acquires 3D point cloud of entire work space with structured light sensors
  • Identifies up to 3 products simultaneously 
  • Real-time vision guidance
  • Tracks stationary or moving objects


  • True 3D vision guidance for random objects
  • Scalable - choose cameras and configuration for right precision
  • Best price/performance of any 3D solution





  • Random box moving
  • Mixed depalletizing
  • Random bin picking
  • Random bag picking
  • Random part inspection
  • These applications enable identification and movement of an object in any location.  Optionally, up to 3 objects can be identified and moved as well


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Interested in implementing Spatial Vision Robotic technology in your facility?