Robotic Order Batch Picking


Robotic Batch Picking innovates order fulfillment

Bastian Mobile Robotics is dedicated to modular and flexible batch picking warehouse automation. Our mobile robots are designed to improve efficiency while requiring minimal modifications to your infrastructure. With batch picking rates of 600+ lines per hour of multiple eaches, mobile robotic automation raises the standard of traditional picking rates.

Robotic accuracy means worrying less about picking errors and bottlenecks. Gain throughput with the capability of operating 3-shifts without recharging your fleet. A mobile robotic solution positions your order fulfillment ahead of market standards.

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Robotic Batch Order Picking

Benefits of Robotic Batch Order Picking

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase throughput one robot at a time. Robots work seamlessly in a fleet.
  • Scalable for shifting market demands, such as seasonal shopping.
  • With the ability to operate 24/7, throughput is increased and labor costs are reduced
  • System is capable of building 2 mixed pallets every 15 minutes
  • Designed so multiple units can work side by side or safely integrated with manual workforce if needed
  • Gain better space utilization and increase in cube density when comparing to conveyor automation.

Specifications of Robotic Order Batch Picking

Autonomous mobile picking robots transform order fulfillment operations of any warehouse setting by easily adapting to your infrastructure and improving costly inefficiencies with quick, precise movements. Equipped with an intelligent end-of-arm-tool and vision system, mobile batch picking robots serve as an alternative to traditional pick-to-light.

Mobile robots operate as a robot-to-goods solution by retrieving and picking multiple types of products, eaches and SKUs for various orders at a time. Each robot is wirelessly operated by a Master Control Program (MCP) that integrates with your facility’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) for maximum control and visibility of productivity.



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