Exacta Sentinel

Intelligent Conveyor Routing

Exacta Sentinel is an intelligent conveyor routing system that can be installed, configured, and implemented faster and easier than a traditional WCS. Standard functionality allows Exacta Sentinel to be offered at a lower price point and with shorter lead time and faster project implementation. All systems include a standard interface communication structure with a host system. Maximum visibility into warehouse operations is available through a convenient web application that provides real-time statistics, reporting and routing data.

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How Exacta Sentinel Works 

Exacta Sentinel is a web-based application that can run on any computer with network access. The software communicates with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to provide the following functionality for your conveyor routing system:  

  • Conveyor Zone Routing
  • Sortation Routing (both pack lane and shipping lane sortation)
  • Automation Equipment Integration including:
    • Weight Scale Integration
    • Print and Apply Integration
    • Dimensioner Integration

To keep the host system up to date with real-time information, all data is communicated back to the host system, including:

  • Divert confirmations that a container was successfully diverted to its destination
  • Weight data
  • Dimension data
  • Print and apply verification to ensure that the correct shipping label was applied to the container
Intelligent Conveyor Routing offered in a turnkey software package

Exacta Sentinel Benefits

  • Reduction in lead time (PO through installation)
  • Reduction in project implementation time (installation through go-live)
  • Standardized product built from 30 years of conveyor control software experience
  • Competitive pricing compared to traditional warehouse control systems (WCS)

Exacta Sentinel Training & Support

Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you fix issues and answer questions regarding your material handling system. From the beginning of a project throughout the life of your system; we will work directly with you to maintain and manage your system so that it performs to its maximum throughput.

We offer many different services such as delivery and assembly of parts, maintenance and repairs, customer training, and 24/7 system support. We guarantee to respond quickly to any inquiries that you have. Bastian Solutions also offers maintenance and service contracts, which are available monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually.

Exacta Sentinel communicates with a number of material handling technologies



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