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Mobile Order Fulfillment Applications Enable Agile Operations

Add flexibility and agility to warehouse operations and processes by implementing mobile devices and our proprietary software platform.  Exacta® Mobile is a web-based platform designed to work on RF handhelds and mobile phones that enables users to work anywhere their tasks may take them within the warehouse.

Mobile picking solutions can easily be integrated into existing material handling systems, providing adaptability and responsiveness to many manual processes. Bastian Solutions has the experience and expertise to determine which technology is right for your facility and goals.

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How Mobile Picking Works

Operators are equipped with a mobile device, such as a RF handheld scanner or mobile phone. Designed with an easy-to-understand user interface, Exacta Mobile guides operators through locations in the warehouse to pick orders or batches in the most efficient sequence. Operators can be prompted to scan the location and/or product to add quality checks, as well as capture lot or serial number information if required.


The Exacta Mobile application is a group of software modules designed specifically for use on mobile devices. The browser-based screens are configurable to deliver the most important information directly to operators. The Exacta Mobile software can incorporate product images, immediately handle discrepancies and support multilingual requirements.


Features & Benefits

  • Minimal employee training required
  • Scalable to operations by easily integrating more mobile devices
  • Lightweight devices for ideal ergonomics
  • Fast integration and start up
  • Enables productivity when MHE (material handling equipment) like forklifts and AVs (autonomous vehicles) are down
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency of operations


  • Batch/Case/Wave Picking
  • Outbound Pallet Building
  • Trailer Staging & Loading
  • Put Wall & Put to Store
  • Operator-directed “Hot” Pick and Put


When deciding whether a mobile picking system could work for your operation, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Facility layout
  • Product and workflow
  • Labor availability
  • Current and desired throughput rates
  • Current software system and material handling equipment

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