Exacta Order Management System

Order Management System for WMS

One if the keys to a successful supply chain operation is delivering products to customers in a timely and economical fashion. The Exacta order Management System (OMS) optimizes the order fulfillment process and generates reports for easy data monitoring.

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Order Management System

Order Management System Benefits

  • Visibility to low inventory levels in multiple fulfillment centers
  • Ability to integrate to other WMS software solutions
  • One browser for customer service personnel to see various order types being fulfilled in multiple distribution centers
  • Combines multiple order types to allow more efficient wave building
  • Capability to process orders for third parties and trading partners
  • Common platform for credit card validation and authorization

Order Management System Modules

The Exacta order management system provides customers with a strong foundation for managing and tracking orders. By having the right product data at the right time, customers can easily track products and view detailed product reports. See more about Order Management System Modules

How It Works

Exacta's OMS receives orders from a wide variety of sources and trading partners. Upon receiving orders, Exacta applies business rules, and the orders are assigned to the optimum distribution center for order fulfillment  based on several configurable criteria.

Fulfillment orders are monitored for all major status changes throughout the order fulfillment process. The status changes are sent up in real time to originating order source. When the orders have been completed, the OMS also interfaces to ERP/financial systems to initiate the proper invoicing or financial transaction.

The Exacta OMS allows multiple incoming order sources and order fulfillment centers to operate under a common browser for visibility to view things such as order status and order details. Reports - which include daily order volume, percentage of back orders per day and pieces per order - are also  part of the our Order Management System solution

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