Order Management System Modules

Exacta Order Management System Modules

The Exacta order management system provides customers with a strong foundation for managing and tracking orders. By having the right product data at the right time, customers can easily track products and view detailed product reports.

The Exacta software runs on the Windows operating system with interfaces to other systems supported through a variety of communication protocols.

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My Account

The My Account section of the OMS allows users to view profile information and to look up current or past orders. The most recent order for the user is shown on the My Accounts main page. The operator simply selects Search Order History to view additional order information or selects View Details to view the Order Details screen.

The OMS provides users with the ability to check the status of an order from the time the order is entered into the Exacta system until it is shipped. Both active orders and archived orders are viewed with the Order Search tool.


  • Product Categories: Includes a list of product categories and sub-categories that is expandable and collapsible. Clicking on one of these options executes a search for products in the appropriate product category or sub-category.
  • Product Information: The product image, product ID, and descriptions are displayed. Next to the Select Quantity input, Exacta displays the selling unit for the product. As the operator selects size and color, the appropriate quantity on-hand and price also display.
  • Product Attributes: When a product comes in multiple sizes and/or colors, a primary product is set-up and it will relate to the actual product IDs and their size/color attributes. This populates the attribute dropdown boxes for the primary product on the details page.

Email Confirmation

Exacta OMS automatically sends an order confirmation to the configured email address for the user when the order is created. A service monitors when the order is manifested (shipped) and sends another email with the tracking number. The system has live links to the shipping carriers to track packages. The body of the message is configurable and can include static text and data currently available in order file.

Shopping Cart

For each product in the shopping cart the following can be displayed:

  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Total


The Exacta OMS is equipped with a suite of standard reports developed in Crystal Report Writer that are available on-line. The reports are viewable on-screen and can also be printed. Reports provide information on both orders and products.

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