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The Exacta WCS (Warehouse Control System) orchestrates material and information flow to order fulfillment technology and material handling equipment. It includes several modules of functionality typically found in a warehouse management system to efficiently direct and manage processing within your warehouse. The modular nature allows additional functionality to be easily added as the needs of your system or facility evolve.

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Warehouse Control System Processes


Order Fulfillment



How WCS Works

  • A warehouse control system (WCS) provides a single central interface to a host system by working with material handling equipment from a variety of vendors, providing flexibility in purchasing decisions.
  • WCS reacts to feedback from the order fulfillment automation and material handling equipment used and quickly adjusts and balances workflow.
  • WCS software, with visibility to both incoming orders and orders already in process, releases orders in quantities to match the system's current ability to process them, offering continuous flow.
  • WCS coordinate multiple types of material handling equipment within one system for synchronized, high throughput processing.

Exacta Warehouse Control System Benefits

  • Hardware-independent solution, giving you complete purchasing flexibility for order fulfillment and material handling equipment needs.
  • Modular architecture that makes it easy to meet different communication protocol requirements in real time or batched interface designs.
  • Clear visibility to work in all areas with remote monitoring.
  • Works as a single point of communication to your host system or ERP—simply add the equipment and software module for that type of material handling equipment.
  • User-friendly and intuitive with color coded graphical interfaces.
  • Built-in diagnostic tools, graphics and reports.
  • Designed to accommodate easy, less costly expansion as your business evolves and demand increases.

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a key component of a Warehouse Control System solution. The HMI is a graphical monitoring tool used to provide visibility to detailed automation system status information for operators and maintenance personnel. HMIs provide real-time visibility to monitor the vital statistics of the material handling equipment system.

Monitor Warehouse Performance

Managing your employees effectively requires intralogistics software with real-time visibility to balance the workload and exception alerts to handle small problems before they have an opportunity to grow. The Exacta WCS provides a tool set to help monitor and track work flow, system up time and provide alerts to problems.




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