Exacta Reports

Understanding Your KPIs

Exacta provides customers with access to a reports library that presents data in clear, standardized ways for easy warehouse performance analysis, as well as the ability to create custom reports.

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Solid Reporting Functionality

Exacta's reporting system provides users with a standard set of reports, which include productivity tracking, activity auditing, inventory reporting, outbound and inbound operations tracking, historical and performance-based information and much more.

The Exacta reporting system provides customization options for users to conduct various warehouse performance management functions. The reporting system is a browser-based tool and can be accessed via Exacta Portal, which provides easy access from a computer or a mobile device. The Exacta Reporting engine also allows incorporating custom reports into the system and displays them when requested, along with any standard reports.

Finally, Exacta has a built-in ability to schedule and email summary reports on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Supervisors can configure the distribution list by specific report.

Custom Reports

Exacta has several administrative tools that readily display information about the system, but system users often need to quickly conduct queries and create reports specific to their operational daily needs. With the ad-hoc query tool, users have a unique ability to create their own queries and use them in their daily work.

Benefits of Exacta Reports:

  • Powerful set of standard reports
  • Browser-based reports, displayed on Exacta Portal
  • Ability to export to PDF, Excel, and other formats
  • Ability to print, email or save reports
  • Scheduled run of reports

Benefits of Custom Reports:

  • Quickly create custom queries
  • Access information that is specific to a certain area of the warehouse (shipping, receiving, wave planning)
  • Print custom queries
  • Save and email ad-hoc reports

Exacta Warehouse Management System Benefits

  • Increase in productivity and efficiency without adding labor
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase in inventory control and accuracy
  • Better customer service
  • More visibility within the warehouse
  • Enable increased order throughput
  • Reduce charge backs
  • Decrease time in dock to stock
  • Increase capability to meet future business requirements

The benefits of warehouse management systems in operational performance can be enhanced through integration with material handling automation to reduce the labor required and reduce the cycle time to process items.

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