Exacta Digital Dashboard

Visualize Your Warehouse Performance

System performance analysis and monitoring delivered any time, anywhere. Exacta Dashboard keeps warehouse supervisors in the know, in real time. about this solution

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How It Works

Exacta Dashboard is browser-based tool responsible for providing real-time, graphical information of your entire system at that very moment. Supervisors can easily access this tool on their computers, mobile equipment or smartphones to get immediate feedback on system performance. Dashboard is preconfigured to show information on main objects and processes within the warehouse or distribution center. Dashboard can also be changed to show information that is specific to a particular operation.



  • Real-time graphical picture of the system and its components
  • Can be used right out of the box or it can be adjusted for specific operational needs
  • Clear and accurate information at a glance
  • Printable information of all just in time information
  • Warehouse health monitoring
  • Preventative actions that eliminate future problems
  • Productivity tracking and resource re-allocation

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