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WMS in the Cloud

Your supply chain is constantly changing, evolving and growing. Increasing demand for high visibility, lower cost of ownership, speed of deployment, and security is crucial to the modern supply chain. Bastian Solutions now offers a cloud-based solution for inbound receiving, returns processing, directed stocking, multiple picking methods, shipping and inventory maintenance. ExactaCS is a SaaS (software as a service) subscription-based WMS built on a secure cloud platform that is affordable and easy to use. Flexible enough to grow with your supply chain, ExactaCS strives to keep your business ahead of the dynamic marketplace.


Benefits of ExactaCS - Cloud Services

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Using the cloud, business will only pay a flat subscription rate. Eliminating capital expenses of implementing hardware, software licensing, and IT specialists in-house. The customer no longer needs to spend on servers or data center infrastructure. 

Speed of Deployment – The cloud optimizes implementation times and ensures functionality available in a short period of time compared to on-site deployment. Due to the lack of servers, a cloud solution can be deployed quickly by decreasing time in IT provisioning, installation, and testing process

Scalability – Quickly ramp up server capacity for surge seasons and throttle down to save time and labor when business is not operating at peak performance. Add modules and functionality to current system with ease

Accessibility – Access key system data from any device whether it is a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Empower employees to make smart planning decisions using rich graphical analytics

Security – Built on a secure cloud platform have the peace of mind your data is protected

Reduce IT Resources - Offload IT tasks and expenses including database administrators that regularly maintain a traditional warehouse management system (WMS). We take complete ownership of installation, security patches, OS updates, and administrator databases. Our support team acts as your companies help desk to ensure 24/7 support for system related issues 

Integration – Standard formats and API to integrate customer orders into Exacta.  Exacta provide multiple processing methodologies including RF handheld scanners, web, and voice based options.    


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