Voice Picking

Voice Directed Operations

Voice picking is a paperless order picking solution designed for environments in which a large number of SKUs exist and require a low number of reaches per unit. Voice picking is an effective tool for picking operations, and above all, is easy to learn.

Voice picking is designed to keep an operator's hand and eyes free, allowing them to focus more on the task at hand. Each operator is equipped with a mobile device or voice dedicated terminal and a headset with microphone. A barcode scanner (wired or wireless) can be added to increase accuracy and productivity. Easy-to-understand voice prompts direct operators to locations and instruct them as to what task needs to be performed. Multi-modal feedback via an operator's voice, a barcode scan or direct text entry provides additional operational flexibility.


How Voice Picking Works

Exacta voice picking can be seamlessly integrated to a variety of host systems, including ERP and warehouse management systems. More than 20 years of experience in the industry has given us an opportunity to build interfaces to a variety of WMS and ERP systems, including home-grown systems on a variety of platforms.

Orders are imported from the host system to the Exacta system where they can be sequenced and released to be processed. Decoupling these two activities allows order processing in Exacta to occur even if the host system experiences downtime. As orders are processed, Exacta sends updates back either in real-time as each pick is completed or in batches as individual orders are completed. Detailed operator metrics are displayed through reporting tools in Exacta.


Benefits of Voice Picking

  • Lightweight terminal/mobile device and headset for increased operator comfort
  • Training time often less than 30 minutes
  • 99.5%+ accuracy levels
  • Easy to expand by simply adding terminals/mobile devices and headsets
  • Smooth integration and start up
  • Payback often in less than 12 months
  • Less dwell time for operators per shift

Applications of Voice Picking

  • Full case picking
  • Each picking
  • Kit assembly picking
  • Cold storage picking
  • Environments that require special clothing protection

Interested in implementing this technology in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?