RF Handheld Scanners

RF Handheld Scanners

Access to data from anywhere is no longer a value add—it's a necessity. Exacta's mobile platform provides users with the access they need to keep warehouse operations on track.

The Exacta mobile platform is a group of software modules designed specifically for use on RF handheld scanners and mobile devices. The browser-based screens are configurable to deliver the most important information directly to operators. The Exacta Mobile software provides the ability to quickly and easily incorporate product images and can also be translated to support multilingual requirements.

The Exacta mobile modules can be implemented as part of a WMS or integrated with an ERP as a component of the Warehouse Control System (WCS).



Provides verification of receipts against purchase orders, advanced shipping notices (ASNs) or blind receipts. Received product may be adjusted or corrected. During the receiving process items may be placed on hold with a reason code associated to this action.

Cycle Count

Allows operators to verify inventory counts by product, location, or through system generated cycle count orders. Counts may be user initiated or based on a system generated cycle count request that can be set for business needs. Configuration allows for open or blind cycle counts.



Provides movement of product from receiving into the primary (active), secondary (reserve or overstock) storage locations. The level of scan verification is adjustable and can include product and/or location barcodes. User based rules are configurable for a variety of put-away strategies.


Supports a variety of picking methods. Operators can be directed via RF and prompted to confirm scan locations or the information may be tied in with automation to complete the picking. Operator-based configurations can limit order batch sizes for different operators.


RF Software Capabilities

  • Incorporate product images
  • Customization of user information screens
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Immediate discrepancy handling

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