Warehouse Control System Integration

Connecting Material Handling Equipment to Warehouse Operations

Bastian Solutions has years of experience in the design and implementation of warehouse control systems to coordinate the automation equipment in your distribution center and smoothly integrate with any warehouse management system or ERP.


Host System Integration

Implementing a material handling system as part of a supply chain strategy may involve many different types of material handling equipment to meet business requirements. To realize your system throughput needs, the various automation equipment must work together smoothly along with your supply chain software and enterprise software.

Host interfaces vary widely between ERP vendors, warehouse management system vendors and homegrown systems. Exacta Connect provides the bridge of information between the host system and warehouse control system through a unified communication layer which simplifies integration. Providing standard interface protocols for major ERP, MRP, and WMS suppliers means reduced risk and usage of your IT resources. Although the Exacta warehouse control system is an integrated part of the Exacta supply chain software suite, it also integrates with other WMS/ERP providers.


Exacta Connect buffers information to protect you against a loss of connection by extracting the communication from the processing of transactions. This modular architecture makes it easy for Exacta to meet your specific communication requirements. Standard interfaces with Exacta are typically real-time communication methods. Exacta supports a number of standard interface protocols including:

  • TCP/IP Sockets
  • Web services
  • Table-to-table communication
  • MSMQ Message Queues (MSMQ/WebSphere)
  • ERP-specific data exchange protocols (SAP- IDOCS, BAPI; Great Plains- eConnect)
  • Text Files

Warehouse Control System Architecture

The modular design of the Exacta warehouse control system provides the capabilities needed to compete in today's changing business environments. The ExactaWCS: Warehouse Control System is based on an architecture that can integrate to either PLC or PC based controls. The ExactaWCS is a single communication point regardless of hardware or equipment controls provider. This type of solution offers flexibility for support and upgrades to your system.


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