Warehouse Control System Visibility

Visibility with the Exacta Warehouse Control System

Exacta's warehouse control system provides real-time visibility of various system events as they occur during processing. Armed with this data, you can make informed business decisions and spot potential issues before they become serious problems.

Monitoring and Alerts

Event Director

Exacta Event Director generates alerts to be sent based on configurable settings. Proactive monitoring allows the system to tell you there are potential problems before your employees may even notice. Event Director tracks any errors, faults and system exceptions.Learn more about Exacta Event Director.

Exacta Monitor

Exacta Monitor is a component of Event Director and keeps an eye on conveyor issues such as motor faults, jambs, scanner statistics and divert lane statistics. Monitor tracks services in the background that you can't see—such as interfaces to a host system. Monitor collects and stores system data to provide configurable alerts for problems, daily and weekly statistics emails and historical reporting.


Remote Monitoring

Part of having visibility to your operations is actually seeing what's happening and where. The Exacta warehouse control system can be configured to have digital video recorders (DVRs) set up at strategic locations throughout your system, allowing you to monitor the flow of materials and quickly spot and understand issues in real time or see what happened earlier.

Energy Management

Bastian's systems are designed for normally off controls so that the conveyor system shuts down when there is no longer any activity (lunch, breaks, etc.) This saves mechanical wear and tear, reduces noise, and saves electricity. When a new product is introduced… the system starts back up automatically.

Graphical Data and Reports

Human Machine Interface

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) can be used to start or stop the system, diagnose any problems, and display system statuses. Color schemes and links to subsections allow for quick access to all system information.


Pacing Screens

Pacing screens provide instant, real-time feedback directly to each picking operator on whether they are ahead, behind, or on pace while picking. Pacing screens may be placed in any major picking area to help operators keeping up with the current pick wave.

Warehouse Performance

Looking for in-depth reports and analytics regarding your inventory, processes and other data? Exacta provides additional reporting tools that help you achieve the operational efficieny you need to compete

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