Warehouse Management System Processes

WMS Processes

Efficient, accurate warehouse management is a challenge without the right tools. ExactaWMS: Warehouse Management System lets you focus on your core business by handling processes such as inventory control, order fulfillment, consolidation and packing.






Speed Dock to Stock

Configuration identifies an appropriate put-away location as products are received for a more efficient way to get product stocked quickly. Verify receipts against purchase orders, advanced shipping notices or blind receipts based on your operational needs.



Enhance Reverse Logistics

When products are returned to your warehouse, Exacta WMS operators input data regarding the returned items and determine the appropriate action to take. This could include putting the items back into inventory, a staging area for delivery or scrapping the item.


Quality Control

Exceed Customer Expectations

Exacta WMS detects if an item requires any quality control (QC) procedures. If QC is required, Exacta WMS will display instructions to perform checks during the receiving process. Any item that fails the QC is placed into a quarantine zone for additional handling.






Plan and Process

Waving is the process of grouping orders and activating them for processing. Together, the waving suite of programs, wave planning, wave management and wave closeout with exception handling provide end-to-end control and visibility for order processing.



Improve Order Accuracy

Batch pick is performed using an RF handheld scanner to pick orders. Exacta displays instructions on the RF screen, and the operator provides feedback via barcode scanning or manual keying of data.


Pack and Ship

Reduce Costs, Stay on Time

With the rising costs of transportation, it is even more important to find ways to reduce costs while still meeting the delivery requirements of customers. The pack process is used to prepare orders for shipping and can be performed by the operator scanning each item for a complete order audit or by a single scan for order picking.



Inventory Management


Stock Products for Faster Order Fulfillment

Cycle Count

Eliminate Downtime for Costly Physical Inventories

Cycle counting is used to check and maintain accurate inventory and many companies employ rigorous cycle count programs as part of an overall strategy to move away from having to perform a physical inventory.

Cycle count updates may be posted to the host system upon completion, ensuring the host system has the most up-to-date inventory level possible to promise to customers.

Business Intelligence

Workflow Monitoring

Visibility Into Your Workflow

Visibility Benefits

Eagle's Eye View of All Processes and Movement

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