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About Retail Store Conveyor

Bastian Solutions is widely recognized as the leader in automated conveyor systems for retail stores. We take great pride in our ability to quickly provide our clients with the conveyor equipment and technical knowledge they need to streamline their operations.


Conveyor for Retail Store Applications

A growing trend in retail stores is to have a smaller footprint for display and “back room” storage and automation for immediate delivery to a customer. This functionality can be used for “drive through”, “customer pick-up”, or “in store delivery”. This method also allows for faster delivery of products purchased online, and in some cases, it allows for “same day” delivery of goods – which is considered to be the holy grail of e-fulfillment.

Limited floor space and labor savings is another driving force for retail fulfillment innovation. One of our client's, B&H Photo, multi-level facility in New York City has two floors of retail space and a lower level for inventory storage. If a customer is interested in seeing a product, a salesman enters a request for product delivery from the basement to a specific station via the vertical lift and conveyor system. A barcoded slip is generated in the storage area where a worker retrieves the product and places it in a tote. The tote is then placed on a vertical lift and is diverted to the correct station, based on the barcode. Once the salesperson is finished with the product, it is placed back into the tote and then onto the conveyor or takeaway lift. If the sale is successful, the tote travels to a vertical lift which takes it to the overhead conveyor on the ground floor where overhead conveyor lines merge so the product travels to a customer purchase and pickup area, near the store exit.     


Safe and Quiet Operation

When automation equipment is introduced into a retail store environment with untrained customers, additional safety precautions should be made. Design elements such as safe, low voltage 24DC powered conveyor and normally off control features are just a few of the many considerations to keep in mind. It’s also very important that the automation equipment specified be as quiet as possible to prevent distraction. Bastian Solutions can help you select the right equipment for your application.


Automated Back Rooms

Constraints such as high cost of labor, limited space, multi-floor stock rooms and limited dock space drive need for automation in back rooms. The ability for a customer to place an order and an automated conveyor system to bring the product to a will-call pick-up/return area is a design growing in popularity. This type of design not only saves on labor but also keeps the will-call or pick-up/return area organized and clear.  Back room automation can include the following:

  • Powered lifts and incline/decline conveyors
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Vertical Storage Units
  • Portable conveyors
  • Flexible/extendable conveyors
  • Powered hand trucks


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