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All Industrial Carts

Ergonomically efficient, heavy duty, and compact solution to lifting, transporting, and positioning loads. Smoothly lift and lower products with ease. Added safety features make lift carts an easy solution.

Built to last in tough environments for all industries. Products include plastic shop carts include drawers for tools, audio visual carts, instrument carts, and utility carts.

Many applications require the wash down features of stainless steel. Bastian Solutions has a whole line of stainless products.Talk to our customs group for unique solutions.

Move and store heavy or numerous items. Metal, steel or aluminum options in multiple configurations with load capacities from 1,000 to 4,800 lb. Carts with shelves offer additional versatility.

Increase productivity with a powered, standing mobile workstation. Easily transport and operate printers, laptops, PCs and other electronics for up to 8-12 hours at a time.

Tool and maintenance carts offer storage as well as a mobile workspace. Ideal for maintenance folks that are on the go and need to work out on the floor. Security options are available.

Steel dumping carts are a great solution for removal of waste from facilities. Commonly used for removal of heavy items such as scrap steel and metal chips.

Dependable steel shelf storage trucks are made for long lasting durability. Configurable types and sizes are available for specific requirements. Helps prevent products from falling during transport.

Durable instrument carts can help hold and transport even delicate instruments. Choose from a wide range of cart dimensions and maximum load capacities that range from 300 to 1600 lb.

Plastic tote holder carts are ideal for keeping items organized while on the move. A great solution for medical facilities and institutions, our plastic tote holder carts come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Designed to function as a parts hopper to be dumped with the assistance of a fork truck. Low-profile, hopper reduces the hazards, inconveniences and time when collecting parts off the floor.

Excellent for recycled materials, work in process, trash, laundry, and other bulky materials. Some plastic dumping carts are USDA listed for carrying meat and poultry. Easily configurable.

Industrial box trucks, 2 sided,3 sided, and 4 sided carts, make moving packages, boxes and parts easier with quick access and mobility. Frequent loading and unloading of products is easy with open or shallow sides

Transport product, packages, tools, materials with Mobile Wire Carts. Utilized in warehousing, stock picking, interim storage, and manufacturing operations. These carts can be configured to provide security as well high visibility to contents.

Security Carts transport and secure packages, parts, or valuables while allowing fast, visual contents inventory. Available in both wire mesh with wire shelves, or flattened mesh with solid shelves. Double doors on the front are equipped with a lockable hasp

Ideal for a variety of material handling operations. Durable, heavy duty and easy to maneuver. Add side-panels for increased stability of products.

Bar/Pipe Transport Carts carry and protect long items such as bar stock and pipes. These carts are specifically designed to allow you to carry the items horizontally so that the weight is better distributed to help prevent damage.


A-frame and Panel Carts carry and protect plywood, drywall, sheet metal, and other large, bulky sheet or panel materials. Specifically designed to carry items vertically with better weight distribution to help prevent damage.


Spill containment carts deal with spills from drums and are available in a number of models for different liquid spill scenarios. Great drum containment equipment options to best suits your need.