Order Packing

order packing

Ensure products are packed correctly and efficiently for shipment.

Demand for high-efficiency order fulfillment has never been higher – pressuring warehouses to constantly improve their operations and lower costs to meet customer expectations. While having an efficient order picking solution is necessary to remain competitive, utilizing an efficient order packing solution should not be forgotten.

Order packing is considered the final point of inspection for outgoing products before they are sealed in shipping materials. Our experts work with numerous technologies that will add speed and efficiency to your order packing processes while reducing the costs of labor. Order packing is specific to the shipping requirements of each item packed. From void filling to document insertion, Bastian Solutions has the right solution for your warehouse.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Having the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track and manage order packing is critical to order fulfillment success. Package labeling and document insertion can be fully automated for easy visibility and high-throughput.


Conveyor and sortation conveyor systems are also essential in automating order packing processes. Ensure items get to their destinations quickly with popular sortation options such as shoe sorters and tilt tray sorters.

When it comes to order packing, partner with the experts at Bastian Solutions for the right solution.

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