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Inventory done your way with a prepacking solution

Often items you received from your suppliers are not stocked or sold in the same form you receive them. Prepacking is the process of converting these items into the way you need to stock them. This may occur in the form of re-boxing, re-labeling or even kitting multiple items into a new SKU. No matter how simple or complex your prepacking operations are, our experts will use collective experience to provide you the best solution for performing this critical process. From workstation design & building layout to Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for managing how you present your inventory for sale, our solutions have you covered.




Labeling in prepacking can range from barcode labels for individual pieces to case labels and even to RFID for pallet loads. Our experts have the equipment and the experience to provide you with a solution that will make this process more streamlined and cost-effective.

Repacking and Consolidation

Kitting multiple items can be completed efficiently by means of picking technologies and conveyor systems for assembly and product transfer via tote or bin. Partner with our experts to learn more about improving your prepacking processes.


Product Transfer

Transferring a product from prepacking to stock begins with Warehouse Management System (WMS) software designating locations in the warehouse based on unit of measure and ending with the right equipment for moving product. This process can include transferring a special pallet by pallet jack or pallet conveyor, quarantine for inspection at a workstation, wrapping pallet loads for stability or simply moving the product to put away for picking. Our experts at Bastian Solutions will provide you equipment and software tailored to fit your specific needs.

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