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Beginning from the moment shipments arrive, receiving inventory can be a smooth transition with the right solution. In order to minimize dock-to-stock time, various docking equipment is used to easily remove shipments from incoming freight trucks. Unloading equipment, such as extendable conveyor or pallet jacks, are also recommended for quick item transfer.

Bastian Solutions offers a range of technologies to make product reception and identification easy, accurate and fast for maximum throughput. Before items are taken to be stored, smart solutions such as RFID scanners with the power of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are used to inspect all products in relation to shipping manifests and purchase order documentation.

Most items are typically received in forms of pallets, cases/cartons, hangers, etc. A good forecasting system will need to be established in order to ensure timely put-away. Once items have been received, various material handling technologies are used to transfer specific types of items to designated storage areas. Pallet conveyor, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and AS/RS solutions provide quick, efficient means of pallet transfer to storage, such as pallet rack. Cases/cartons can be directed to the storage buffer or cross docked to shipping via methods such as sortation conveyor. Additionally, items for pick modules will need to be removed from cartons and placed in totes to prepare for put-away.

Warehouse process solutions are never a “one-size-fits-all” for any warehouse. To ensure your inventory is accurate from receiving to shipping, partner with the experts at Bastian Solutions.


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