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Returns, also known as reverse logistics, is often a complicated process that involves a large amount of SKUs and mixes of open cases with items to be sorted, labeled and shipped back to the vendor or returned to storage (based on the condition of the returned item). Reverse logistics is typically a paper-intensive process of tracking and identifying reasons for the returned products before the items can be sent to the right destinations.   

While an automated solution for returned items might seem like a distant dream to some warehouses, there are options available to increase the efficiency of returns processes for any situation. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can integrate with this process to efficiently track and manage returned products in both the warehouse and accounting through ERP integration. With WMS capabilities, less paperwork is needed to receive and determine the best route for returned items – whether items must be transferred to the staging area for shipping, reworked at a workstation, returned to storage or scrapped.

Transferring returned items to their different destinations can be made easy with implementation of sortation conveyor systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or industrial carts.

Warehouse process solutions are never a “one-size-fits-all” for any warehouse. Let the experts at Bastian Solutions solve your returns processes with the right solution.

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