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Carton Flow Rack Solutions


Keep Inventory Fresh with Carton Flow

Gravity carton flow systems separate picking and stocking aisles for full cartons and split cases to save up to 75 percent of labor costs compared to a static storage solution. Made up of slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms, the goods are deposited at one end to slide safely and gradually down to the picking aisle.

Gravity carton flow systems provide in-stock visibility so pick aisles are kept full and restocking can occur simultaneously. First-in/first-out (FIFO) traffic minimizes shelf time and keeps inventory fresh.

Which Gravity Carton Flow Solution is right for You?

The questions below will help guide you to the best gravity carton flow solution for your application.

  • Do you re-profile often?
  • Does your product have a high variance in width?
  • Will you reuse your tracks in other parts of your facility (or other facilities)?
  • Do you have seasonal merchandise?
  • Do you control the packaging sizes of the products you inventory?

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Full-Width Gravity Carton Flow “Span-Track”

Span-Track is the industry’s original gravity carton flow track. Today there are several other leading manufacturers of similar product.  However, the full-width gravity carton flow solution is most commonly referred to as “Span-Track”.  This solutions is ideal for storing boxes or totes of the same size.

Full-width gravity carton flow consists of pencil style rollers placed within frames.  These wheel sections drop into pallet racking bays.

Skate Wheel

Full-Width Gravity Skate Wheel Carton Flow is an ideal solution for storing multiple skus that vary in size.  The staggered skate wheel sections provide a bed of wheels that can be infinitely divided providing maximum product density.



Econo-Flo™ is an economic, fixed wheel channel uniquely suited to solving your light duty flow situation, while also being light on your pocketbook!

The wheels are injection-molded from a high quality thermoplastic material giving them great impact resistance. Econo-Flo™ wheels are also chemically resistant to acids and alkalines and do not attract moisture. Steel axles guarantee both strength and a low co-efficient of friction for easy flowability. Galvanized steel rails ensure the durability you demand!

  • Black Thermoplastic Wheels
  • Steel Axles
  • 22 Gauge Galvanized Steel Channel
  • ECF-33 Available on 1-5/16" Centers
  • ECF-50 Available On 1-7/8" Centers

Dyna-Deck & Rack-Track Gravity Carton Flow Retrofit Solutions

Dyna-Deck is a low profile version of full-width gravity skate wheel carton flow that retro fits into all existing or new carton flow shelves. Dyna-Deck covers the entire level of shelves with rollers wheels.


Gravity Carton Flow Cells

One of the most effective ways to accelerate productivity, improve ergonomics, eliminate waste and maximize your space is to implement Flow Cell workstations. Flow Cells help you apply Lean principles and gives you the opportunity to create modular, dynamic storage units designed specifically for your unique operation.

Flow Cell units are proven to:

  • Increase space utilization by up to 50% – inventory is organized and stored properly
  • Boost production efficiency up to 30% – parts angle toward the picker, making picking easy and fast
  • Ensure FIFO inventory rotation – replenishment from back does not interfere with process
  • Keep the factory floor organized – totes and boxes are stored in return lanes rather than on the floor

Roller Rack Gravity Carton Flow Units

Drive-In/Drive-Thru rack is used when large quantities of storage is required. Drive-In/Drive Thru rack uses fewer aisles making it easy to store 75% more pallets than the standard racks. Products are stored several pallets deep, and forklifts enters the structure to store and retrieve items.

  • Entry/Exit point for each storage bay
  • Last-in/first-out flow
  • Variety of heights and depths available to meet needs

Pick Shelves

Are the pick points at your operation clearly visible and accessible? Adjustable? Organized? Our Pick Shelves can help you eliminate the dead zone.

Pick shelves will accelerate pick rates and improve worker comfort. Bastian Solutions offers angled pick shelves that eliminate the dead zone. Our innovative products help you integrate slow movers into the pick line to save space and improve efficiency. Our products work in a variety of settings:

  • On workstations, such as Flow Cell, giving pickers the most precise and efficient pick possible
  • In racks, where adjustable shelves and pick trays provide the most durable, flexible and accessible pick points for workers

Pick Shelves offer portable and rack solutions, all designed to deliver the highest value for your operation.  Bastian Solutions can help you determine which pick shelves will bring the most benefit to your operation. Give us a call today!

Interested in a carton flow rack solution or want to know more?