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Driven by the demand for more efficient aircraft, engine manufacturers are being challenged to quickly introduce and deliver new technologies to the market. From component manufacturing; to assembly; to testing, custom process automation and material handling equipment are being used as a means of meeting the required schedules and necessitated qualities of these products. Our custom designed equipment is being used to by all of big 3 engine manufacturers each step along the way in a turn-key solution.


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Die Handling Equipment

Brief Overview:

This custom workstation and tool handler was built for an aircraft engine manufacturer. The equipment was used to aid operators in the process of assembling, cleaning, and storing small mold sets. The powered, semi-automated equipment allowed for precision movement and flexible interface points to multiple sizes of molds.

How It Works:

The assembly workstation interfaces with a semi-automated tool handler that holds molds measuring 24” wide by 18” long by 12” high. The workstation is used to disassemble, manipulate during cleaning, and reassemble the mold. While manipulating the mold, the workstation uses two synchronized ball screw actuators to ensure the mold stays flat to avoid causing any bending or warping of the mold and/or part. The powered tool handler has a custom end effector for placing the mold into the custom heavy duty storage racks, the nearby press, or the workstation.


  • Increased ergonomic safety for operators
  • Reduced operator labor time handling molds
  • Reduced chance for damaging the molds and parts
  • Decreased footprint for storing molds


  • Storing and handling of small molds used in composite manufacturing
  • This battery powered tool handler can assist with storing and manipulating different sized molds
  • Precision loading of molds into presses, autoclaves, or freezers


  • All vertical and horizontal actuations are guided by heavy duty high precision linear bearing rail
  • The system capacity is 10,000 pounds
  • The operators uses push buttons to control the workstation and the onboard joystick to control the tool handler. Field devices were run to the control panel.
  • All tooling interfaces are precision machined
  • The structure of the storage racks, end effector, and workstation was designed using our SolidWorks 3D modeling software. Through that software, we are able to perform finite element analysis on critical parts and weldments.


  • Aerospace

Vertical Lifts and Platforms


  • Gas turbine assembly/disassembly
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Test Cell platforms
  • Engine lifts


  • Entirely electric solutions
  • Hydraulic solutions
  • Powered vertical translation to access gas turbine at all heights
  • Significantly improved ergonomics
  • Integral or separate engine lift interfaces
  • Built-in storage areas, pneumatic lines, and electrical output boxes in support of lean manufacturing
  • Scalable design for all sizes of gas turbines
  • Eliminate the need for assembly pits

Automated Manufacturing


  • Robotic component and die coating
  • Forging die handling, cleaning, and preparation
  • Handling and interfacing with disk and rotor forging equipment
  • Airfoil deburr equipment
  • Composite die manipulation, cleaning and handling


  • Reduced cycle times
  • Improved process control and repeatability
  • Co-location of multiple manufacturing processes in a single, automated workcell

Lean Manufacturing


  • Gas turbine assembly
  • Forging die preparation


  • Reduced cycle times
  • Improved process control and repeatability

Ergonomic Handling


  • Fan module assembly
  • Engine inspection lifts
  • Large forging and composite die handling and manipulation
  • Rotor and disk handling


  • Improved operator accessibility
  • Reduction in the number of operators required to complete process

Client List & Related Literature


  • Rolls Royce
  • Boeng
  • ATK
  • Pratt & Whitney



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