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Custom Line Side Assembly

Decrease assembly time

Automotive assembly lines require a vast array of components that must be available in a relatively small area. These components are delivered to assembly plants in large containers that require dangerous equipment to maneuver it around the plant. This interaction, along with less than ideal ergonomic conditions, result in the need for automated systems to handle these containers in the assembly cell. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to design very effective methods of material handling. These process typically involve an in-feed and discharge conveyor system with various transfers, turntables or lift tables at the operator end depending on the components being handled.


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Custom Line Side Assembly

Merry-Go Squares


  • Assembly line interface with inbound parts
  • Staging equipment for in line processes


  • Allows for better ergonomic conditions for operators
  • Minimizes operator interface with dangerous heavy equipment
  • Maximizes operator efficiency by eliminating the need to walk longer distances for parts
  • Minimizes cell layout to maximize floor efficiency
  • Various elevations are possible to allow use of existing transport cars


  • Heavy duty guards at in-feed and discharge locations for fork truck/tugger cart interface
  • Chain driven live roller design
  • Roller slip tubes and pneumatic stops can be added as an inexpensive accumulation alternative to zoned conveyor
  • Heavy duty pop chain transfers
  • Turntables feature a large robust slew bearing for rotation with rack and pinion drive
  • Hydraulic lift tables with safety bellows

Partial Client List

  • Subaru
  • General Motors

Custom Line Side Assembly Photos

Interested in Custom Line Side Assembly or want to know more?