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With the enormous size of the automotive industry comes an even greater mixture of make and models. Each of these vehicles requires a different interior arrangement. This results in the need for material handling equipment that can be interchangeable over time to prevent capital equipment from becoming obsolete in a short time period. We have the knowledge and experience to develop specialized seat handling equipment that can handle a wide variety of products with minimal change overs. This equipment ranges from seat loaders at the beginning of the system to seat un-loaders that remove a seat off its assembly pallet prior to shipment.

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Seat Pusher

In material handling, the product to be conveyed typically has a flat, continuous bottom which makes it more manageable for automation. In the case of a car seat that is not yet on a pallet, that is not the case. This pusher will do a ninety degree transfer from one belt conveyor to another. There are four contact points on the conveyor surface, each less than 2 inches long, and are parallel to the flow of the incoming belt. This design allows for the incoming belt to push the seat most of the way onto our slide plate, at which point a pneumatic pusher transitions the seat onto the downstream belt conveyor.

Seat Pusher Specifications

  • Guided cylinder actuation for long life and minimal maintenance
  • Works for several and model seats
  • Infeed belt has a high friction surface; transition plate is low friction surface.

Seat Pallet Dispenser

Seats are typically sent to the customer, a car assembly plant, on custom pallets that must be returned back to the seat plant. These pallets return in stacks of six that must be destacked to enter back into the manufacturing system. This machine will automatically take the stack and dispense the bottom pallet. This machine also has the ability to rotate the pallet 180 degrees at is introduced into the system for production purposes if required. A control cabinet houses the PLC and all control components for the dispenser.

Seat Pallet Dispenser Specifications

  • Utilizes motor driven lift to raise and lower the lift carriage
  • Dogs that engage pallet are pneumatically actuated
  • Low elevation design as low as 12” to the top of conveyor surface
  • Optional turntable to rotate pallets 180 degrees as they leave the dispenser

Assembly Pallet Un-loader

A different pallet is often used during the assembly process than what is shipped the customer. This machine picks up the seat from the assembly pallet and transitions it to the shipping pallet. A unique challenge to handling the seats is the need to locate the seats on alignment pins on the pallet. The machine is completely pneumatically controlled – no PLC or electronic control is used. A decrease in operator injury as well as fatigue is realized with the implementation of this seat unloader.

Assembly Pallet Unloader Specifications

  • Only plant utilities required for this machine are clean compressed air at 60 PSIG. No electrical components are used.
  • Heavy duty welded structural steel framework is rugged to counteract the dynamic loading of the moving mass.

Low Profile Truck Unloading Conveyors

Seat plants typically utilize automated truck unloading and loading conveyors. This eliminates the need for fork trucks, thereby improving efficiency. A challenge of these automated systems is typically the low elevation conveyor required. Typical systems require conveyors as low as 10.5” to the top of roller. Low profile conveyors and accessories developed by Blue Arc include roller conveyors, chain transfers and accumulation stops. One of the more challenging applications is the low profile chain transfer. Our designs include between rail (BR) style, extended style and conveyor to conveyor transfers to transition assembly pallets in perpendicular flow.

Low Profile Truck Unloading Conveyors Specifications

  • “Pin” stops come up to control pallet flow and accumulation as required. Simple guided cylinders provide simple and long lasting service.
  • Chain transfers are actuated with air bags and have a mechanical linkage system to keep the transfer level through the actuation sequence.
  • Roller conveyor is roll to roll design with SEW-Eurodrive gearmotor, 460/3/60. Rollers are 2.5” diameter x 11 gauge and are on 6” typical centers.

Seat Un-Loader


  • Loading seats onto a shipping pallet


  • Cantilevered design allows for operator interface without causing a potential safety hazard
  • Pneumatically actuated for quick cycle times


  • Air logic or 24 VDC controls can be provided
  • All actuations are controlled by pneumatic cylinders
  • Operator control push button station

Partial Client List

  • NHK Seating

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Interested in Custom Seat Handling or want to know more?