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Tire Handling

Tire Handling Solutions with a Competitive Edge

Tire manufacturers require solutions that meet a variety of unique challenges as well as the high demand that growing industries face. Productivity must be scalable and quick to react to the ever-changing demands of this heavily regulated, global market.

Our engineers understand the landscape of tire manufacturing and use that knowledge to develop innovative concepts to tackle your most difficult problems. With decades of collective experience, our solutions provide a competitive advantage in tire transport, routing and storage.


Tire Building

Our solutions transport and store green tires on-time while avoiding unnecessary risks. Maintain maximum throughput with conveyor, robotic, and storage buffer solutions designed specifically for green tire handling. Our Exacta WCS/WMS solutions, along with our industry-leading HMI displays, allow real-time visibility, and control at every point in the process. 


Trust that your tire curing process is handled with precise accuracy and maximum throughput. Our
technology improves quality with careful and efficient tire handling within the extreme environmental conditions of tire curing.

Tire Finishing

Don’t miss a beat through any part of trimming, inspection, or rework when using full-control capabilities provided by Exacta’s WCS/WMS. Our equipment is built to provide the highest possible throughput with tire tracking at any part of the tire finishing process.

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Partner with an industry expert to ensure your tire handling operations are executed efficiently. Our team brings decades of collective experience in tire and wheel handling. See our brochure for more information.


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