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Nine Line Case Study | eCommerce, Retail Fulfillment

New Racking System Adds Storage & Efficiency

Nine Line Apparel, a give-back organization and lifestyle brand located in Savannah, GA, needed to increase storage capacity and organization of its production and fulfillment facility. With a growing product line and increasing number of orders, the company turned to Bastian Solutions to help them select and install new pallet racking, carton flow racking and workstations.

Business Objectives

  • Increase storage capacity in Nine Line Apparel's new facility
  • Use a combination of storage solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce costs
  • Install workstations that provide operators with more ergonomic conditions
Nine Line Facility

Key Technologies

  • Selective rack for static storage
  • Pushback rack for dynamic storage
  • Carton flow racking
  • Ergonomic packaging stations

See the results

  • Prior to the new facility and racking system, Nine Line was palletizing and storing product outside.
  • With the new equipment in place, Nine Line can now efficiently store all products, which helps the company better manage inventory and reduce customer lead times.
  • The system features 672 selective rack pallet positions, 336 pushback rack positions and 885 carton flow pick faces.
  • The new racking system allows Nine Line to store up to 1100 pallets and 6,000 SKUs



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